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In our basic financial coaching program, we coach you how to:

Create a plan to reach your financial goals

Reduce and eliminate your debt

Create a budget (or a cash flow spending plan)

Improve your financial discipline

Live without a credit card or an auto loan

Save for emergencies and significant future expenses

Learn the importance of accountability


Our basic financial coaching starts with knowing you and understanding your specific needs and financial situation. Once we know where you stand and where you want to be, we can create a plan for you, and start coaching you in the steps you can take to reach your financial goals.


"We took classes with Financial Peace U. 10 years ago but were not serious about our finances. Now with this coaching from Dr. Letting, we are taking our debt seriously: we stopped using all credit cards, refinanced our home at a lower interest rate, started giving regularly, and have a clear plan and a new vision to start afresh."                                                                       

- Gary Armstrong

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