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Whether you have lost your primary income source or have accumulated too much debt, you are in a financial crisis. If the crisis isn't handled the right way, its strain can crush individuals and ruin households.  It causes people to spiral down into bad decisions and mental health issues. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your situation will not seem as bleak if you know how you can get out of it. That’s what our financial crisis coaching is for. It can help you:

Identify and consider options other than bankruptcy

Improve your financial decision making

Learn how to replace panic and uncertainty with peace and hope in your home


"After 30 years of marriage, and slowly mounting debt of all kinds, we finally saw the light by listening to Dr. Letting, who pulled us from the brink and back into reality. By following some simple, logical steps we have now shortened the time by 90% to pay off all our debt and reduce the interest we pay by 80%. - and all this in only a few months. As we continue through the 7 Baby Steps, we now have financial peace once again restored to our marriage."   


Ann M.

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