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Have these questions been knocking around in your head?

  • Is there too much 'month' at the end of the money?

  • Will  we ever NOT have a car payment?

  • How can I get myself out of this financial hole?

  • Is there a way to reduce this constant stress over money?




Al Letting

"The Mission of OnTrack is to guide each client to discover their true financial condition, implement practical, clear solutions, and to replace stress and worry with peace and hope."

At OnTrack, my aim is to put you on the right financial track. I too, have had times when I was living paycheck to paycheck, had no savings for even the smallest emergency, and had debt mounting up from school loans and car payments. I know what it is like to worry about how to take care of my family's basic needs. 

Finances affect every dimension of our lives, and when things are off center, trouble shows up even more.

     I had the blessing of hearing about Dave Ramsey twelve years ago. Since then we have completed the 7 Baby Steps: no debt, a modest retirement, a paid off house, and increased giving. 

     For the past seven years I taught these principles to hundreds of friends, college students, and family members. So many have been able to eliminate their debt, increase savings, and, more importantly find hope and financial peace (like Dave always says).

      As a Ramsey Master Financial Coach, I have combined my passion for helping others with Dave Ramsey's additional formal training.

      I am so excited to teach you what others have taught me, to help you solve your financial problems just as others helped me. Let's meet soon. Let's change things to change your future and your legacy. You can be the hero you were meant to be!

OnTrack's Vision is to enable every client to discover hope and financial stability for their life and home.


" Dr. Letting’s coaching on financial stability using Dave Ramsey's 7 steps has been such a great influence in my life. When I first started it seemed hopeless because of my age. I felt as if it was too late to try to increase my retirement savings. But I can testify that it is never too late. My husband and I have found financial freedom.  We are saving towards our retirement plan.  Life is great when you know how to be good stewards over the money that God has blessed us with. "                                     


- Dynah B.

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